Fire Safes

What types of things do we look to safeguard in our homes? If you have a family, there are birth certificates, marriage certificates, titles to cars, and deeds to property to name a few. These things can be kept in a bank deposit box, but it would be better to be able to keep them home.

One way to be sure that these items and others are safe at home is to purchase a safe or a gun safe. But don't just purchase any safe, purchase a fire safe. A fire safe is different than a regular safe because it is especially designed to protect the objects inside from the intense temperatures that often accompany a fire.

Depending on the source of the fire, temperatures can reach into the hundreds of degrees. With an ordinary safe or safety box, the outside would melt under the heat and the items inside, especially papers, would be destroyed for all time. Keep this from happening to you with a fire safe.

Fire safe walls are usually made of thin metal. The inside of the safe is lined with another wall that contains a material to protect what is inside from the fire and also smoke damage. The extra insulation maintains a low temperature inside the safe. Papers are the most delicate thing you could put in a safe. As long as the internal temperature stays below the temperature at which paper will burn, the objects inside will be protected.

Fire safes can be as small as a strong box. If what you store in your safe needs to be transported from place to place, this is a handy way of doing it without having to remove it from one safe and carrying it unprotected to another location.

The safe can also be a stand-alone safe that sits on the floor or on top of a cabinet. In an office or a home, the safe can be stored on the floor in a closet. Fire safes can also contain extra security measures to protect against burglary.

Choose the safe that is best for you. If you want to use a simple combination lock or a key lock, those are available. It offers easy access for you. In an emergency, a key lock avoids having to remember a combination to get at what you need. Fire safes are perfect for storage of a gun used for protection. Be sure not to keep the combination in a place where anyone can find it and open the safe.

Safes that protect against fire can come in a variety of time limits. The time limit specifies the amount of time the safe can stand up to the high temperatures without damaging the contents inside. Safes can be purchased with 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute time limits. If you live in a remote area, a two hour time limit would be your best choice in case of a fire.

Home movies are a treasure forever. We have wedding videos, family fun on vacation and other events that we want to keep for a long time. Safes are available to protect videos, DVDs, CDs, and other media items from high temperatures. Tape from VHS can be irretrievably damaged at lower temperatures than paper. Buy a safe that is especially made to protect media materials from fires.

These safes can have the same type of security locks as any other safe. Electronic keypads are available to protect from burglars. Having a safe in your home or office that protects from more than just the burglars is wise. They are not the only thing that could destroy your valuables.

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